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  1. Sony FX9, BMPCC 6K PL conversion, AtomOS V10.3

    news of the week i70-e151

    This week we are featuring Sony's huge hit from IBC 2019 the PXW-FX9 full frame camcorder, PL conversion kit for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K from Wooden Camera and the latest firmware update AtomOS 10.3 from Atomos.

  2. Post IBC 2019 Review: DoP Alister Chapman talks Sony FX9

    Post IBC 2019 Review- Sony

    Didn’t make IBC? Don’t worry; Cinematographer and Sony ICE Alister Chapman, gives you an in-depth review of the PXW-FX9 and other NEW product releases from Sony in this interactive streaming event. Fresh from supporting Sony at the exhibition in Amsterdam, Alister will . . .

  3. IBC Special featuring Sony FX9, ARRI Orbiter and Sigma Classic Cine Primes

    news of the week i65-e146- IBC 2019 Special part 1

    Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry. This week is part 1 of our highlights from IBC 2019 featuring Sony’s new PXW-FX9 full-frame professional camcorder, the Orbiter LED light from ARRI & the new Sigma FF Classic Primes.

  4. Sony at IBC 2019


    OK, here we go with the first product announcements from Sony at IBC 2019. The details are brief as this first document is just to give you an overview. What do you do when you have a product that has dominated market share over the past 5 years ? easy…launch a new one that is even better !!

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