Kino Flo LED Lights

  1. ARRI CCM-1, KinoFlo Mimik, Sony FR7 v1.1, CMotion Mainstation MST1, GFM Turtle Base

    news of the week ep340

    This week we are featuring the latest kit from Cine Gear Expo 2023 including the new CCM-1 monitor from ARRI with full camera control for ALEXA 35 and ALEXA Mini LF, KinoFlo Mimik 120 for virtual productions, the latest Sony FR7 firmware v1.1 update, as well as the innovative CMotion Mainstation MST1 power solution and the GFM Turtle Base grip kit.

  2. New Kino Flo FreeStyle 31 and 21 LED Lights

    Kino Flo announce new FreeStyle 31 and 21 LED lights to join the SELECT LED range. The new lightweight LED panel lights are combined with four corner bumpers to add further rigging versatility. Also included is an additional mating plate.

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