Sony has released new firmware updates for their Sony FS7 and FS7 II camcorders. Basically the new Firmware (4.30 for the FS7 and Firmware version 1.20 for the FS7 II) gives users the ability to alter the recorded ISO when shooting in the Cine-EI mode Prior to this upgrade the camera records at its base sensitivity of 2000 ISO in CineEI mode with no added gain and full dynamic range. However, with the new firmware users can select lower ISO values and improve noise performance, although this comes with a compromise of a small reduction in dynamic range. This new function is turned on and off in the menu under System – Base Settings – Rec/Out EI Applied when the camera is set to CineEI mode. There appears to be some debate as to whether adding this new firmware is beneficial at all. As with all upgrades it’s always best to research it first before automatically adding it. This blog from renowned DoP Alister Chapman is a good place to start. Download Links: Sony FS7 Firmware v4.30 Sony FS7 II Firmware v1.20 To see these great cameras in action, give us a call to arrange a demo on 0208 977 1222. If you want to learn more, head over to our website Sony FS7 Sony FS7 II
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