ARRI keeps shipping incredible updates for their latest ALEXA 35 cinema camera, and their newest release - the CCM-1 camera control monitor. The newly released SUP 1.2.1 for the ALEXA 35 brings exciting new features designed to make the CCM-1 even more integrated with the ALEXA 35 in addition to bringing more colour management options for DIT's, colourists, and cinematographers shooting projects with the ALEXA 35 and its brand new colour science.

SUP 1.2.1 introduces concurrent utilization of the MVF-2 and CCM-1 through the VF connector on the ALEXA 35. Additionally, they have incorporated custom colour management for ALF4 look files, sensor-level zooming, and AUX Axis control. Notably, they have achieved a threefold increase in the brightness of the CCM-1 camera control monitor with the use of a single VF cable.

ALEXA 35 SUP 1.2.1 and CCM-1 5.5.2 Updates

This SUP can be installed on all previously shipped ALEXA 35 cameras. However, you should be mindful of the sequence in which you perform the updates. ARRI insists you must update the CCM-1 first before you connect it to the camera, as the camera SUP update will not update the monitor. See more details below.

Firmware Update Installation Procedure:

  • Do not perform the update in the middle of a production.
  • When connected to the camera, the MVF-2 viewfinder and the lens mount will also be updated automatically.
  • The Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 will not be updated automatically when connected to the camera during a camera SUP update, since the CCM-1 has its own Software Update Package. Please update the CCM-1 separately before updating the camera.
  • When you encounter a camera in rental or on set where MVF-2 or lens mount have older software installed, the camera will make you aware of this.

In addition, ARRI also recommend to then perform a component update of the MVF-2 or lens mount (CAMERA MENU > System > Update).

The first version number in brackets is the version of the component, the second the version of the component's software included in the camera's SUP. In the example below, the MVF-2 has an older software installed (2.24) than the MVF-2 software that is part of the camera's SUP (3.17). After the component update, both numbers should be the same, as is the case in the example below for the lens mount. For reference see the image below.

What's New in ALEXA 35 SUP 1.2.1

New Features and Improvements:

  • CCM-1 and MVF-2 parallel use
  • CCM-1 Zoom using sensor zoom
  • Custom Colour Management
  • EI change during recording
  • ARRI Hi-5 AUX Axis Support
  • Side Display Error Codes
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements

What's New in CCM-1 SUP 5.5.2

New Features and Improvements:

  • Support for parallel use of CCM-1 and MVF-2 on ALEXA 35
  • CCM-1 Zoom using sensor zoom on ALEXA 35
  • Waveform support
  • 3G SDI Level B support

Other Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • User buttons are cleared when reassigning functions
  • Frame guides now respect crop & scale
  • SmallHD false color and peaking overlays are not applied to camera overlays
  • Backlight tool accessible when no additional power connected
  • Stability improvements over Ethernet

Download ALEXA 35 SUP 1.2.1 from ARRI's support pages here.
Download CCM-1 SUP 5.5.2 from ARRI's support pages here.

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