ARRI have some exciting news for AMIRA and ALEXA Mini owners. Both cameras have not only been extremely popular on all sorts of productions from documentaries, to high-end promos, commercials and feature films and they just keep getting better and better with every firmware update. Not only that, but ARRI just upped the ante by announcing some new accessories for their latest cameras. ARRI AMIRA Camera See a list of the new improvements and accessories for the AMIRA and ALEXA Mini cameras:
  • New audio receiver slot
The audio slot, was made in a collaboration with Ambient Recordings, and it allows a direct integration for wireless audio receivers. It includes a buffer battery for up to 30 sec buffering for changing batteries without powering down the camera. It provides a 2-channel analog audio output and includes a customized cable for the AMIRA 5pin XLR input. It is compatible with all receivers supporting the “Unislot” interface (not available for Sony receivers) This item is now available for order for both Anton Bauer Gold Mount and V-lock battery styles. Pricing is around 980 Euros. First deliveries are expected in January 2016.
  •  Improved ND filter switch
The original ND filter switch had some limitations in usability and reliability, and now ARRI is replacing it with a new, more haptic and more stable switch. New production cameras do include this since September/October. An upgrade for cameras with old switch can be ordered at service.
  •  Painted switches and knobs
The switches and knobs are now silver painted. This is just a cosmetic change for overall design purposes. New production cameras do include this since September/October.
  • New power supply
It uses standard 24V power supply (GS220A24) and is quite small. It is not recommended for outdoor use. Includes an attached cable with 3pin XLR male connector for ALEXA/AMIRA power cables and a power cable with Schuko plug. No AMIRA or ALEXA power cable is included.
  •  New viewfinder cables
New, strongly improved viewfinder cables are included in new cameras starting mid of November. The new cables are more than 10x more robust against breaking as the current ones. These new cables replace the previous versions. The cables are also available as accessory parts, however the supply is limited until early 2016. The „AMIRA Viewfinder cable long, length 3m“ is currently not available, but will follow soon in the improved design. Alexa Mini Gimbal
  • Extended Audio Board (IAOU2)
In order to allow higher input levels with the line audio input on AMIRA, the new extended audio board is now included in the production cameras. This new audio board allows +24dBu input level in addition to the +8dBu with the current board. It also allows the headphone out to be looped through a connected mixer.
  • Viewfinder upgrade for eyepiece and approach sensor
We are still a little bit short on supply for some lenses of the upgrade kits. This may result in a certain lead-time in service for the upgrade. Supply should be strongly improved starting in January. To get your order in give us a call on 0208 977 1222 for all your ARRI needs.