Premium cine camera manufacturer, ARRI have just released Software Update Packet/SUP version 3.0 for their latest and smallest addition to the Alexa family - the ALEXA Mini. Some of the major updates in this firmware update is the support for Lexar’s LC 128GB and LC 256GB 3600x CFast 2.0 cards (keep in mind that smaller capacity 64GB cards are NOT supported), which have passed the stringent tests at ARRI and are now good to be used in the ALEXA MINI alongside the rest of the approved media. There is also a beta version of an anamorphic 2.8K ProRes recording mode - which should be popular with filmmakers and DoP's working on commercials. The beta test includes a free 4:3 License Key, which must be applied for on the Arri License Shop website and expires 90 days after installation. This recording option will be available in the upcoming SUP 4.0 firmware update and will be a paid upgrade option. Alexa Mini Gimbal Here's more from ARRI on the Anamorphic beta mode:
SUP 3.0 contains a public beta release of the 4:3 ProRes 2.8K recording mode and a 2x anamorphic desqueeze for all EVF and monitoring outputs. Please not that while the image resolution for 4:3 2.8K is 2880 x 2160 the recorded resolution is 2944 x 2160. The additional border is due to the ALEXA Mini’s ProRes encoder that handles multiples of 128 more efficiently. The remaining 32-pixel boundary left and right to the image is filled with white pixels in the Beta and will be black in the final release. The active image are is flagged in Quicktime meta-data. Please make sure the extra border is cropped off the image prior to scaling the image as the scaling operation may spill white border pixel into the active image area.
ALEXA-Mini camera New features in SUP 3.0 Intervalometer: for sophisticated time lapse recordings • Stop Motion Mode: for stop motion animation and control of shutter timing when ALEXA Mini is used on a motion control system • Support for Lexar LC 128GB and LC 256GB 3600x cards. (Note: 64GB will NOT be supported, same as 3400x or 3500x cards.)Viewfinder status overlay enhancements, other usability improvements and improved support for accessories • Sensor clock tuning on timecode input signal: to insure ALEXA Mini stays in sync with the timecode source. Head over to ARRI to download SUP 3.0 and for all your ARRI needs and to place your order for an ARRI Alexa MINI or any other ARRI camera - give us a bell at 0208 977 1222.