Sony has just announced today the HXC-FZ90 - a new addition to the Sony live production system camera range, which is more affordable for broadcasters and event production companies needing a quality solution for 4K ready productions. The system allows HD productions to upgrade to 4K with weekly, monthly, and/or permanent 4K licenses and no need for internal hardware modifications.

From Sony:

“As production formats diversify according to projects, we are seeing more companies looking for a flexible way to switch at will between 4K, HD and HDR. They might still be producing most of their commissions in HD but know they need to future proof and want to be able to respond now to briefs with a 4K or HDR component”, commented Norbert Paquet, Head of Live Production, Sony Europe.

Even though we still live in a predominantly HD world with most event production companies, broadcasters and educational institutions producing most of their content in HD, the need and interest in 4K imagery is growing. Companies are aware of the benefits offered by 4K productions and are looking for simple and cost-effective ways to switch to 4K. And along comes Sony and their new HXC-FZ90 with its familiar design philosophy and operations allows a seamless switchover at the time chosen by the organisation. The Sony HXC-FZ90 also supports HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) and S-Log3 for Sony’s SR Live workflow enabling HD HDR or 4K HDR when desired.

A major benefit of the new system, which features a 2/3" 4K CMOS sensor and the industry-standard B4 mount, is the fact that users will not have to perform any hardware modifications to upgrade to 4K. This is done via 4K software licenses, which can be purchased on a weekly, monthly, or permanent basis depending on the needs of individual productions.

Key features for the new Sony HXC-FZ90 include:

  • Single chip 2/3” 4K CMOS sensor with B4 mount enabling 2000 TVL resolution
  • 4K license available on weekly or monthly basis or as a permanent feature
  • HLG and S-Log3 built in support for SR Live workflow
  • Fully time aligned and separately routable audio and video streams
  • Compatible with Audinate Dante Controller software on macOS and Windows
  • Simple integration with CNA-2 web RCP Control allowing advanced monitoring
  • Simplified cabling with Prompter or PTZ cameras (Sony FR7 for example) by Network Trunk (Ethernet)
  • ARIA Function: Automatic Picture optimization according to lens characteristics
  • Simple camera operation from front panel of new CCU HXCU-FZ90 with functionalities such as IRIS and paint control
  • Advanced focus assist feature

The versatility of design and functionality combined with its lightness and robustness mean the camera will be used in many different production scenarios from Studios, events, corporate or sports environments.

According to Sony, the HXC-FZ90 will be shipping sometime towards the end of the year.

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