So as IBC gets ever closer Sigma has announced 2 new varieties of their current FF prime lenses line; the Sigma FF Classic and the Art Prime Lens plus the MC-31 a PL to L lens mount converter…confusing I know but stay with me. FF Classic Prime Lenses Based on the current FF Prime product line, the FF Classic Prime Line incorporates more non-coated optical elements to achieve unrivalled expression. It retains the high resolution capability that SIGMA CINE LENS is well known for, and offers a unique combination of low contrast and artistic flare/ghost in the image. As with all other lenses from the FF High Speed Prime Line, it creates beautiful bokeh effects to improve creativity.   FF Classic Prime Line has implemented newly developed coatings on the glass elements and offers consistent T value across the lineup (14mm and 135mm at T3.2 and the rest of the lenses at T2.5). Sigma CINE LENS "FF Classic Prime Line" (PL-mount)
  • 14mm T3.2 FF
  • 20mm T2.5 FF
  • 24mm T2.5 FF
  • 28mm T2.5 FF
  • 35mmT2.5 FF
  • 40mm T2.5 FF
  • 50mm T2.5 FF
  • 85mm T2.5 FF
  • 105mm T2.5 FF
  • 135mm T3.2 FF
The CINE Classic Prime Line are only sold as a set of 10 primes.
Art Prime PL mount lens with i/ Technology Compatibility   The FF High Speed Prime Line which is part of the SIGMA CINE LENS family is optimized for large-format camera systems and 8K shooting. The new addition of the Art Prime comes with electronic contacts that support Cooke's /i Technology communication protocol. This allows recording of lens metadata such as focus distance, focal length, and aperture. Sigma CINE Lens "Art Prime" Range (PL-mount)
  •     14mm T2 FF
  •     20mm T1.5 FF
  •     24mm T1.5 FF
  •     28mm T1.5 FF
  •     35mm T1.5 FF
  •     40mm T1.5 FF
  •     50mm T1.5 FF
  •     85mm T1.5 FF
  •     105mm T1.5 FF
  •     135mm T2 FF
If you are a fan of “Top Gun: Maverick” or the look achieved than you will be interested to know, prototypes of this /i Technology-compatible FF High Speed Prime lens were used to shoot it. There is also good news for those of you who already own a SIGMA PL mount lens, as SIGMA  are considering providing a new service to make their lenses /i Technology-compatible.
PL-L Mount Converter The MC-31 is a converter that allows PL mount lenses to be used on L-Mount cameras. By using the  MC-31, users can use PL mount cine lenses, which are widely used in the filmmaking industry, on the SIGMA fp and other L-Mount cameras.
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