Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are covering the new ARRI Pro Camera Accessories for the Sony BURANO, the newly announced Tokina Cinema Vista-P vintage cine primes, and the latest Hollyland Mars 400s Pro II wireless video system.

ARRI Pro Camera Accessories for Sony BURANO

ARRI has announced new Pro Camera Accessories for the Sony BURANO. Some of the components are new, while some are carried over from the VENICE 2, namely the base plate, the BPA-5 bridge adapter and the BSA-1 shoulder pad. The new side brackets include NATO rails for the first time in addition to pin-locked 1/4 inch and 3/8th inch threads . The rights side of the camera now features a side back on the back as well for easier mounting of wireless receivers or other accessories. The top plate also features plenty of accessory ports and supports three different top handles including the original BURANO handle and the Sony FX9 top handle.

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Tokina Cinema Vista-P Cine Primes

Tokina Cinema just announced their new Vista-P cine primes aimed at cinematographers looking for a more distinctive combination of vintage look and high resolution optimised for the latest gen cinema cameras. The vintage character enables portraits with a buttery, swirly, and vintage character towards the edge of the frame, combined with incredibly high resolution in the middle. The modified design of the new Vista P is based on the standard Vista primes but with lower contrast and increased distortion effect. At launch, the Vista P primes will include 5 focal lengths including 18mm, 25, 35, 50 and 85mm all at T1.5.

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Hollyland Mars 400s Pro II Wireless Video System

Hollyland has released an updated version of their popular entry level wireless video system. The Mars 400s PRO II now offers a longer range of up to 150m and also more importantly lower latency of 0.07s. Other features include HDMI and SDI connectivity giving users access to a huge range of cameras, a bright OLED display, a Smart Channel Scan which automatically selects the best frequency channels on start-up, Multiple Fan modes, flexible mounting options and lots more.

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