Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the new Sony a9 III, the 1st full-frame mirrorless camera with a global shutter, the new Canon RF 24-105mm f2.8 L USM IS Z zoom lens and PZ-E2 servo adapter, and a sneak peek at the new Sony Winter Cashback deals.

Sony a9 III, 1st full-frame mirrorless camera with a global shutter

Sony just announced the first full-frame camera with Global Shutter! The new alpha9 mark III features a ground-breaking 24.6 megapixel full-frame sensor with global shutter practically eliminating any jello effect from images in both stills or video, 120fps black-out free shooting, ultra-fast shutter speed of 1/80,000 of a second as well as AI-assisted Real-time recognition autofocus. The a9 III is shaping up to be a real powerhouse in the video department as well with the ability to shoot 4K/120fps without cropping, S-Cinetone and Slog3 for more freedom in post, in addition to focus breathing compensation. And speaking of breathing compensation, Sony also confirmed that this feature is also coming to the a7S III in a future firmware update scheduled for release in the Spring of next year. With the new firmware update the a7s III will also be getting 4K DCI capture at 24p.

Canon RF 24-105mm f2.8 L USM IS Z zoom lens and PZ-E2 servo adapter

Canon has announced a new RF zoom lens that is shaping up to be the go to lens for many creators shooting documentary, events and interviews. The new RF 24-105mm L IS USM Z, features a constant f2.8 aperture, internal zoom and focus, built-in image stabilisation, and full-frame sensor coverage giving users a somewhat of a unicorn lens perfect for about 90% of filming purposes. Canon also announced the Power Zoom adapter PZ-E2, which can truly make this lens into a pro video workhorse lens. The new lens has a minimum focus distance of just 45cm and also features a manual aperture ring enabling users to adjust exposure in extremely small but precise increments without any clicks.

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Sony Winter Cashback Deals

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