Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the new DeckLink 8K Pro Mini capture card from Blackmagic Design as well as their freshly released raw footage shot with their new Cinema Camera 6K, the innovative Panther X-Type Dolly, and the latest additions to the XEEN Meister Cine primes.

Blackmagic Design DeckLink 8K Pro Mini and Raw footage from Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K

Blacmagic Design has just released raw footage shot with the new Cinema Camera 6K which you can download and grade yourself in Resolve. The test footage was shot by US based cinematographer John Brawley, who has extensive experience with Blackmagic cameras. The footage includes a wide range of tests designed to show off the capabilities of the new camera including dynamic range and low-light tests utilising various lenses such as Zeiss Supremes, Atlas anamorphic and Sigma Art lenses. You can download the graded as well as camera original files from the link below. Also this week, Blackmagic Design announced a new DeckLink 8K Pro Mini capture card with support for a wide range of formats from HD all the way up to 4K and 8K DCI making it the perfect addition to your high-dynamic range and high-resolution workflow.

Panther X-Type Dolly

Celebrating 40 years of innovation in the camera grip department Panther announced their new X-Type Dolly at IBC offering exciting new features, ultimate versatility and substantial weight savings thanks to the removable column. The new X-type dolly also offers 360 degree column rotation and a low centre of gravity for extra stability. The Crab and Steer modes offer significant flexibility and extra precision when it comes to movement while a narrow and wide gauge is also supported in addition to the ability to add a Steer-out extension. The break stops both the track and studio wheels and the design accommodates various wheel types and sizes for different terrains and locations, while the Range Extender provides an extra lift range without compromising size.

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XEEN 14mm T2.6 and 24mm T1.3 Cine Primes

Innovative lens maker Samyang also debut two new cine primes for their top-of-the-range Meister Cine Primes. The ultra-wide 14mm T2.6 and wide-angle 24mm T1.3 compliment the already available 35mm, 50, and 85mm lenses to complete the set of five primes. Then new XEEN Meister Cine primes offer full-frame coverage for sensors with a 43mm image circle and a solid metal construction with a titanium front barrel for extra rigidity, which is always welcomed on set. The lenses also offer a 13 blade aperture for rounded bokeh and ample focus travel distance of 300 degrees. When it comes to lens mounts, cinematographers will have options to choose from PL with support for Cooke-i metadata, Canon EF and Sony E making them suitable for a wide range of cinema cameras including the ALEXA 35, VENICE 2, and the new Sony BURANO.

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