Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the new DJI Video Receiver and DJI Transmission Standard Combo for production monitors, the latest behind the scenes footage from Gran Turismo, shot on the Sony VENICE 2 and Rialto 2, as well as the new Laowa 65mm and 80mm Nanomorph compact anamorphic lenses.

DJI Video Receiver and DJI Transmission Standard Combo

DJI has just announced the launch of their new DJI Video Receiver and DJI Transmission Standard Combo for production monitors. The Standard Combo is the perfect addition to the already existing High-Bright Monitor Combo, which integrates the video receiver, monitor, controller, and recorder all in one compact solution. This new Standard Combo is geared towards Production Monitors expanding support for metadata transmissions including timecode via SDI when working with ARRI and RED cinema cameras as well as the output of fractional frame rates. Other major features include the latest O3 Pro transmission technology, which offers support for up to 20,000 feet ultra-low-latency transmission, even in complex signal environments. The Standard Combo also supports an unlimited number of receivers giving cinematographers even more flexibility on set and Seamless Auto-Frequency Hopping in Control Mode, which automatically selects the most optimal channel for transmission.

Gran Turismo shot on Sony VENICE 2 and Rialto 2

Sony has released some behind the scenes footage of the new car racing blockbuster Gran Turismo, which was one of the first major film productions to use the Sony VENICE 2 Rialto 2 Extension System. The creative team decided on the Rialto 2 because it offered a flexible and very compact form-factor combined with cinema quality image that was capable of fitting inside the cockpit of a real race car. The films' DoP was also impressed by the incredible dynamic range the sensor is capable of and the ability of the modular cinema camera system to withstand extreme speeds and the elements on the race track.

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Laowa Nanomorph 65mm and 80mm T2.5 anamorphic lenses

Innovative lens maker Laowa has introduced two new additions to their Nanomorph anamorphic lens range. The new Nanomorph 65mm and 80mm T2.4 lenses offer Super35 sensor coverage and a lightweight and compact form factor with a 1.5x squeeze factor. The wide range of lens mount options include Canon RF and Sony E making them perfect for cameras such as the Sony FX6, FX9. These longer focal lengths are great companions to the already existing 27mm, 35mm, and 50mm Nanomorphs, which also offer various flare options including Amber, Blue and Silver. PL and EF lens mount options are also likely to be offered, which will make these lenses compatible with classic Super35 cameras such as the ARRI AMIRA for example.

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