Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the new Wooden Camera Elite Accessory System for the ARRI ALEXA 35, the new DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Primes lens kits available to order, and the IMAX guide to the new Christopher Nolan epic "Oppenheimer".

Wooden Camera Elite Accessory System for ALEXA 35

Wooden Camera has announced their Elite Accessory System for the ALEXA 35. Just like they did with the VENICE 2 earlier this year, Wooden Camera are introducing their next-generation pro camera accessories for the ALEXA 35. The Elite System comprises of three main parts starting with a 3-Piece Top Plate allowing for multiple configurations and ability to bolt ARRI and third party accessories in a variety of ways including an Ultra Top Handle. The Side Rails are mounted on the side and feature a stainless steel rosette, a sensor plane mark, as well as additional mounting points, while the low-profile Arca baseplate provides a low centre of gravity and optimal adjustment.

DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Primes Now Available

DZOFilm has some great news for cinematographers - their innovative Gnosis Macro Primes are now available to order. There are 2 different 3 lens kits, the first one includes a 32mm, a 65mm and a 90mm T2.8, while the second features 24mm, 35mm and 65mm focal lengths. The lenses offer full-frame/Vista-Vision coverage and come with native ARRI LPL mount, which makes them ready for use on cameras such as the ALEXA Mini LF. In addition, DZOFilm includes a user-interchangeable Canon EF and standard PL mounts. The Gnosis Macro Primes offer impressive macro capabilities, 16-blade iris design, a 300 degree focus travel and are said to produce natural, vibrant cinematic images.

Oppenheimer IMAX Guide

And speaking of impressive cinematic imagery, the highly anticipated new film by Christopher Nolan is arriving in IMAX and cinemas in less than two weeks. Oppenheimer is gearing up to be one of this year's biggest releases and given Nolan's preference for the largest of film formats, the film is so epic it even comes with a guide to IMAX formats according to YM Cinema. The helpful guide explains the different IMAX flavours you can see the film in including IMAX 70mm, as well as 35mm, 70mm film and 4K digital presentations. Shot mostly on 5-perf 65mm film paired with 15-perf IMAX film, which fills the IMAX screen top to bottom, the film also features some stunning black and white sequences shot on an exclusively created Black and White IMAX film stock.

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