Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

In this episode we recap the past year by giving you our Top 5 Product Releases of 2023!

2023 was packed with some major product releases and in this video, we've picked our Top 5 pieces of gear we think will have a significant impact on the industry going forward.


In no particular order we start off with the Sony BURANO, which has generated a lot of buzz in the industry since its announcement in the Fall. Packing an 8K capable, image stabilised sensor with industry leading Autofocus, all tucked in a relatively compact camera body, the BURANO is gearing up to shake-up the world of cinematic wildlife documentaries and commercials thanks to its robust in-camera RAW capabilities and run-and-gun aesthetics.

ARRI Impression V Filters

The ARRI Impression V Filters deserve a mention on this list as they are quite unique in making it easier to give the Signature primes and zooms a bit more character depending on the needs of the story. Designed to de-tune the image and provide a softer look in the highlights and skin tones, the Impression filters are available as either positive or negative diopter filters, which are easily mounted to the back of each Signature lens via a magnetic holder.

Angeniuex EZ-3

Angeniuex released their long-awaited EZ-3 cine zoom in 2023 giving cinematographers longer coverage for close-ups and tighter shots. Featuring the same functionality as the other two cine zooms in the range the EZ-3 offers both Super 35 and Full-Frame sensor coverage up to 250mm thanks to the Interchangeable Rear Optics module, which can be swapped easily even on set without any specialty tools. Shipping with a PL mount the EZ-3 is also offered with optional Sony E and Canon RF lens mounts.


ARRI deserves another mention on our yearly list with their CCM-1 camera control monitor designed in partnership with SmallHD. Offering full camera control for both ALEXA 35 and MINI LF, the CCM-1 mirrors the functionality of the MVF-2 viewfinder giving cinematographers and camera operators an invaluable monitoring and control tool for situations where the camera is mounted on a jib, crane or in a confined space.

Panasonic AV-HSW10

The Panasonic AV-HSW10 compact live switcher rounds off our list this year with its extensive pro connectivity and robust design. Suitable for educational institutions, live streams as well as corporate gigs, the HSW10 is a Swiss-army knife of a switcher offering intuitive controls and an ergonomic approach to your workflow. You also get advanced features such as auto-frame sync on each input, as well as NDI and NDI HX2 support, which makes it easy to integrate the switcher with the latest line-up of Panasonic IP-enabled PTZ cameras.

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