Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the ARRI's exclusive monochrome edition ALEXA cameras, Sound Devices announcement of the A20-Nexus digital wireless receiver and SmallHD's release of their latest PageOS firmware for their production and on-camera monitors.

ARRI Monochrome

ARRI has announced new, exclusive Monochrome ALEXA cameras. Available only through their rental division for now, the new ALEXA 65, XT, and Alexa MINI LF Monochrome offer unprecedented black and white imagery, with enhanced sensitivity, resolution and contrast compared to their regular counterparts. The cameras feature modified sensors allowing them to capture the full spectrum of visible light making for some stunning images. The lack of an IR filter allows these black and white only cameras to capture non-visible infrared light which produces deeper blacks, white foliage and dramatic skies.

Sound Devices A20-Nexus

Sound Devices has announced the new A20-Nexus, a new compact and expandable true diversity digital wireless receiver part of the Astral Series. It features 8 channels of audio, which are expandable to 16 with an additional license, and also benefits from Sound Devices revolutionary SpectraBand technology for an unprecedented worldwide frequency range. The A20-Nexus also features NexLink long distance remote control of transmitters and integrated Real Time Spectrum Analysis, while the web app offers remote control from a tablet or a smartphone.

SmallHD PageOS v5.2

SmallHD has released a new firmware update PageOS v5.2 fixing some important bugs and adding some new features. Building on the back of the massive PageOS v5 update, the new 5.2 version adds support for the Shotover addon on 4K production monitors as well as the 1300, 1700, and 2400 series. Smart 5 monitor users now have access to a Max Bright Mode, while several bugs such as flashing of a Sony FX9 recording flag when the camera is not recording and an issue with the ARRI standby light indicator with camera control for ARRI have been resolved among many others.

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