Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring Sigma's additions to their Art lens line-up, Fujinon's behind the scenes look at the production of Top Gun: Maverick and new lens adapters from DZOFilm.

New Sigma Art Lenses

SIGMA has announced two new lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras. The new Sigma 20mm and 24mm f1.4 DG DN ART lenses offer the latest optical technology wrapped in a durable and premiere lens design. Available in either Sony E or Leical L mounts, the new 20mm and 24mm DN Art lenses are also optimised for low light use thanks to the bright maximum aperture of f/1.4. The advanced optical design consists of 17 elements arranged in 15 groups, two SLD elements, three Aspherical elements and a rounded 11-blade aperture for round bokeh. The Manual Focus Lock switch on the side disables the focus ring to prevent focus slippage in situations when users set the focus to infinity. The dust and splash resistant construction brings additional peace of mind, while the E mount version is also compatible with the new AF Assist function on the latest Sony A7 IV and FX6 cameras, which is very helpful when shooting video.

Top Gun Fujinon Lenses

Fujinon just released a fascinating Behind the Scenes look at how they filmed the incredible fighter jet aerial scenes in Top Gun Maverick. Filmed on numerous Sony VENICE cameras in different configurations and a variety of lenses, the Top Gun Maverick was a huge success at the box office as audiences gasped at the hyper realistic aerial photography captured by top class camera operators and pilots. The films DoP Claudio Miranda and his team of aerial cinematographers utilized the versatility and optical excellent of a variety of Fujinon zooms including the 18-85mm and 75-400mm Premier Zooms as well as a combination of the 20-120mm and 85-300mm Cabrio zooms for the Shotover F1J. Taking the camera gear to the absolute physical limits at never before seen breakneck speeds, the aerial specialists also created the L39 CineJet, which allowed the aerial cinematography team to fly alongside the fighter jets and capture some of the most breathtaking and impressive air-to-air shots ever put to film.

DZOFilm lens adapters

Affordable cine lens and accessories maker DZOFilm has announced a couple of new lens adapters for Canon EF and Ronin 4D users. The first adapter allows users to go from Canon EF mount to various mirrorless mounts such as Canon RF, Sony and Leica L. This adapter weighs only around 260g and the stainless steel construction combined with precision design eliminates the play and wobble, while the EF locking mechanism gives users extra confidence for a rock solid setup. The Octopus PL to DX adapter on the other hand enables Ronin 4D camera operators to use PL mount cine lenses with the innovative gimbal cine camera. According to DZOFilm both adapters are due to ship later in August.

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