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There were plenty of excellent product releases in 2021, and in keeping up with the Holiday spirit we present to you our Top 5 Affordable Christmas Stocking Fillers!

Samyang 24-70mm f2.8

we start off with the first full-frame zoom lens from budget lens maker Samyang. Their new 24-70mm f2.8 is available in Sony E mount and offers an outstanding value thanks to its advanced optical formula with improved ergonomics tailored to both video and stills. The lens has a 9 blade aperture, fast and accurate autofocus and also linear manual focus control, which is highly desirable for video users.

Bright Tangerine Axl EVF bracket

Bright Tangerine are known for making some of the finest camera accessories, and their new AXL EVF bracket will make an excellent gift for camera operators and DoPs. Their new EVF bracket offers a solid build quality and hassle-free adjustment saving you precious time on set. In addition, the new bracket is also compatible with viewfinders for cameras such as the ALEXA MINI LF, Sony VENICE, ARRI AMIRA and legacy ALEXA models. The new EVF bracket is also compatible with the Canon EVF V70 viewfinder and the LM-V2 touchscreen from the Canon C300 Mark III.

RØDE Lavalier II

RODE has been on a phenomenal streak this year, and their latest Lavalier II mic brings broadcast quality audio to your budget-friendly wireless audio setup. Made for video professionals working with a unique front-facing capsule design and a low profile, the Lavalier II offers a more discreet and easier mounting mechanism while delivering rich and detailed, broadcast-quality audio. In addition, the RODE Lavalier II comes with a premium accessory kit, which includes a pop filter, a low-profile mic clip, and a carry case.

Formatt-Hitech superslim

Hitec Formatt's latest line of SuperSlim filters for cinema cameras is another fantastic addition to any DoP's kit bag. The new 2mm IRND filters offer a more affordable option to the popular Firecrest Ultra Cine Superslim and are available in various sizes including Panavision 4 x 5.65 size. The new SuperSlim filters are available in various ND strengths from 0.6 to 2.1 and their low-profile and high quality glass design makes them perfect for steadicam, gimbal or drone work.

Wooden Camera Ultra QR Articulating Monitor Mount

Wooden Camera has been making innovative monitors and accessories for years. Their new Ultra Quick Release Articulating Monitor Mount has been designed for production monitors using either the 75mm or 100mm VESA standard. With an ARCA Swiss style Quick Release rail and a maximum payload of 45 lbs offers a huge range of motion including a 360 degree rotation, giving your AC or client the perfect viewing position. In addition, this monitor mount works great in tandem with SmallHD production monitors as well as any third party monitor using the VESA mount system.

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