Traditionally Live Event production has used 2/3” sensor cameras, which work with a huge range of zoom lenses with the reach and speed that you need for a sporting event or fast moving live show. More recently we’re seeing a mix of different camera types; traditional 2/3”, PTZ and mini cameras, and large format sensor cameras, with S35 or full frame sensors. What links them all together is the need to get signals back from widely dispersed cameras around a venue, and a common control system to be able to ‘shade’ or ‘rack’ the cameras.
In this webinar we will explore the different looks you will get from different types of camera, matching your cameras, and the issues involved in a mixed economy of camera types. We’ll be referring to the PXW-FX9 with latest RCP control software, the BRC-X1000 PTZ camera, and the HXC-FB80 2/3” camera system.

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