Join VITEC's global head of training Peter Harman as he explains a range of essential camera power management techniques in this webinar.

Peter explains how to overcome challenges of powering your shooting kit in extreme conditions, how to extend battery life and the simple way to comply with airline travel regulations. He will also cover techniques when powering external viewfinders, monitors, gimbals and other accessories.

In 45 minutes you will learn:

• Practical tips on how to extend battery life

• Trade secrets on effective power management

• Knowledge of how to comply with airline travel regulations

• Virtual techniques on powering accessories

• Importance of form factor

This webinar is suitable for anyone who is interested in discovering how the new features of the Anton Bauer CINE Batteries solve many of the current power management problems. It is particularly relevant to people who have purchased or are specifying power solutions for digital cinema cameras and camera stabiliser systems.

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