The highly-anticipated ARRI CCM-1 Camera Control Monitor is now shipping!

The new ARRI CCM-1 Camera Control monitor for the ALEXA 35 and ALEXA Mini LF is now shipping! We just receive our first CCM-1 shipment from ARRI, and these monitors are going out the door being delivered to customers the same day. The CCM-1 is an ARRI-branded monitor developed in partnership with SmallHD, offering unprecedented camera control functionality via the monitor's touchscreen for the new ALEXA 35 and ALEXA Mini LF cine cameras.

As you'd expect from an ARRI product, the new CCM-1 is a high-quality, colour accurate 7-inch Full HD monitor, which gives users full menu access to the camera but on a much larger canvas compared to the MVF-2 and also with the added benefit of having a touchscreen for more intuitive control.

The new industry standard for on-camera monitoring and control

It is no surprise that ARRI chose to co-develop this monitor with SmallHD, whose professional on-camera touchscreen monitors have become the de-facto industry standard over the years. Sensor-level monitoring functions take advantage of the sensor’s full resolution, for example zooming into the image for more accurate focus checking. The false colour tool on the CCM-1 is also much more user-friendly than on standard SDI monitors as it affects only the image from the camera, and not the status overlays.

Use it alongside the MVF-2 viewfinder or on its own!

The CCM-1 can easily work alongside or even replace the MVF-2 viewfinder. The ALEXA 35 has two Viewfinder ports, one of which was designed with the CCM-1 in mind, which allows camera operators to use both the MVF-2 viewfinder and the CCM-1 at the same time. The benefit of using both units via VF cables is that the camera’s SDI outputs are free to be used with other equipment such as wireless transmitters for example.

Power, Video and Camera Control via a single cable

The fact that the CCM-1 uses the VF connector on the camera is a big deal. This means the monitor gets power, video signal, and camera control from a single cable, leaving the other 2 SDI inputs free to use. Camera assistants can also rig the monitor in different ways by only using it as a normal AC monitor using either of the 2 x 3G-SDI inputs for example in combination with a wireless receiver for something like a portable directors monitor or a focus puller monitor with the ARRI Hi5.

Our first ARRI CCM-1 orders just landed from Germany!

Also new from ARRI is the 2-axis MAC-1 arm, which allows you to tilt and pan the monitor with just one hand. And thanks to the new pin-lock system which supports both 3/8th and the ¼ 20 standard, the monitor won’t slip as you move it. ARRI has also opened up the new pin-lock standard to third party manufacturers, so expect to see other accessory makers also adopt it.

In addition, the CCM-1 also includes 4 assignable user buttons on the side and a tactile joystick that are positioned on one side of the monitor and can be operated with just one hand.

You can order the ARRI CCM-1 Camera Control Monitor here.

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