As we approach NAB the rumours always start about the new cameras and lenses that could/maybe launched in April that will change the world and how we shoot content in the future. But when the dust settles and you look at the cameras that shoot the most award winning movies (see our Oscar Special video) one name continues to top that list…ARRI. Which is why we asked Top DoP Steve Gray to shoot a series of videos covering his experiences of using ARRI cameras. They include his favourite set-up, rigs and why he loves the cameras so much. Cameras featured are the ARRI Alexa MINI, ARRI Alexa SXT and ARRI AMIRA configured for both studio and hand-held operation. In this particular video Steve gives a brief overview of various ARRI Alexa MINI and ARRI AMIRA configurations for handheld setups as well as a quick look at the ARRI Alexa SXT W camera in studio configuration. He also touches on the ergonomics of the cameras and using the ARRI master grips. To see the camera in action, give us a call to arrange a demo on 0208 977 1222. If you want to learn more, head over to our website - More information and to order this great camera click link below:
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