Angenieux has expanded their EZ cine zoom range with the new EZ-3 for Full-Frame and Super 35 cameras!

Legendary lens maker Angenieux has announced their new and highly-awaited EZ-3 Long Cine Zoom lens. The third zoom in the EZ range joins the current EZ-1 and EZ-2 zoom lenses and offers a longer FOV coverage such as 68-250mm in Full Frame, and 45-165mm in Super 35 mode. The longer coverage gives cinematographers more framing options when shooting action-packed scenes such as car chases for example when cine zoom lenses and especially Angenieux lenses are often used.

However, unlike the legendary Angenieux Optimo zooms for example, which are quite heavy and purpose-built for large scale film productions, the new EZ-3 (and the EZ range overall) is more flexible when it comes uses-cases and can be utilised a wide range of scenarios including documentaries, commercials and low-budget narrative drama.

2 Lenses in 1 with Full-Frame and Super35 sensor coverage

And unlike traditional ful-frame/large format cine lenses the EZ-3 goes beyond simple S35 and FF coverage. The EZ-3 employs a unique rear-optical module called IRO (Interchangeable Rear Optics), which lets camera assistants use the same lens to swap between Full-Frame (up to 46.3mm image circle) and Super 35 (up to 30.4mm image circle). The IRO swap process is quite intuitive and can be done in a matter of minutes on set, without the need for special tools or a clean room.

Steadicam and Gimbal Workhorse Telephoto Cine Zoom

Alternating between S35 and FF mode makes the lens faster or 'longer' depending on the camera or sensor mode used, which is something very useful on cameras such as The VENICE 2 or ALEXA 35/Mini LF. Additionally, because of their relative lightweight form-factor the EZ-1 and EZ-2's are often used on Steadicams and gimbal stabilisers. And now, the addition of the longer EZ-3, cinematographers have another option for tighter shots and close-ups.

Internal Focus, Smooth Focus, Built to Last

The EZ-3 features three independent rings for focus, iris, and zoom with a long travel distance and industry-standard 0.8m pitch gearing. The focus mechanism has an internal focus design keeping the lens' length constant during focal length changes, which is quite handy when you're on a gimbal for example as it keeps the same weight distribution. The rugged, but sleek, metal design and thermal compensation ensures smooth focus breathing is not a concern even in challenging environments with wide temperature variance.

Full-Frame IRO and Super 35 IRO interchangeable rear modules / image by FDTimes

And just like the EZ1 and EZ2 zooms, the new Angenieux EZ-3 also ships with the industry-standard PL mount, however users have options to add additional lens mounts such as Sony E, Canon EF and Canon RF making the lens mountable on a wide range of cinema and compact cameras.

You can now pre-order the new Angenieux EZ-3 Cine Zoom here or alternatively call our Sales team at 0208 977 1222.

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