Sony is due to release the much awaited firmware update 3.0 for the Sony FS7 in December according to, which will bring some much needed improvements to the already very popular and field-proven production 4K workhorse. Earlier in the year, Sony released the details of the upcoming firmware in their official Firmware Roadmap. Some of the major updates in the upcoming firmware version 3.0 will be the ability for users to move around the Focus Magnification window - a huge improvement over the current - centre only option. This is going to be quite helpful when shooting interviews for example where your subject is most often placed either to the left or right of centre as to maintain a more pleasing "rule of thirds" look. Sony FS7 Handheld Also, DoP's who have access to Super 16mm lenses will be able to finally use them on their FS7s thanks to the 2K Centre Scan option (which is available in the Sony FS5 from shipping). In addition to Super 16mm zoom lenses, which tend to be quite popular with documentary shooters, some older HD B4 2/3-inch type glass with 2x doublers should be also possible to use on the FS7 with the appropriate adapters. Note, that such lenses do have to be tested for vignetting and other imperfections and can only be used in Full HD mode on the FS7, not in 4K. Noise Suppression in CineEI mode is also another great feature that will prove helpful for those using their FS7s in CineEI mode, which gives the highest dynamic range from the camera. As the native ISO in Slog2 and Slog3 is ISO 2000, which can get noisy in certain situations, having a native noise suppression in camera can possible help in most cases as a substitute for applying noise-reduction in post. PXW-FS7 Firmware V3.0 Details New Features & Improvements: ● Support for adjusting the Focus Magnification area position ● Support for “2K Full, “2K Center” setting in Imager Scan Mode ● Support for Interval Recording function ● Support for Noise Suppression setting in Cine EI mode ● Expand lowest value of Zebra level to 0% PXW-FS7 V3.0 firmware will be downloadable for free here directly from Sony next month in December 2015.