ARRI have released a new firmware update - Software Update Packet (SUP) 11.1 for their industry standard cinema cameras - the ARRI ALEXA XT and ALEXA Classic cameras with the XR Module upgrade. The newest firmware update - SUP11.1 includes support for the new Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5 and other useful features related to ARRI’s Electronic Control System (ECS), as well as some bug fixes. This document describes new features and changes introduced with SUP 11.1 and if they apply to ALEXA XT and ALEXA Classic cameras with an XR Module upgrade and/or ALEXA Classic cameras. ARRI Alexa XT New Features SUP 11.1 OverviewCLM-5 Motor Support (ALEXA Classic, XT/XR) - SUP 11.1 supports the new Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5 which is an exceptionally small and lightweight, yet fast and responsive lens motor. • WCU-4 Controls ALEXA User Buttons 4, 5 and 6 (ALEXA Classic, XT/XR) - Access to the ALEXA user buttons 4, 5 and 6 further expands the powerful Wireless Compact Unit WCU- 4 remote control license features. • Lens Motor Calibration Time-out (ALEXA Classic, XT/XR) - The calibration of lens motors will automatically stop after 300 motor teeth, e.g. in the event that the motor is detached from the lens. • Automatic UDM-1 Distance Unit Setting (ALEXA Classic, XT/XR) - The UDM-1 distance unit read-out on the WCU-4 handset will automatically be set to the LDS focus scale unit. • WCU-4 Lens Data Display from LDS Lenses via UMC-4 (ALEXA Classic, XT/XR) - When using the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 with an ALEXA XT EV type camera with LDS mount and LDS lens, the LDS lens data will automatically be used by the UMC-4 and displayed on the WCU-4 handset. • Activation of Additional Lens Motors via Handset (ALEXA Classic, XT/XR) -WCU-4 and SXU-1 hand units recognize newly connected lens motors and ask via a pop up window for confirmation. alexa xt camera ARRI have also released a neat and handy Pocket Guide on SUP 11.0 for ALEXA Cameras, which details the major changes in the prior SUP 11.0 firmware update and also handy instructions on camera operation. You can download the Pocket Guide here.  Please see the instructions from ARRI below on how to update the firmware on your ALEXA XT or Classic. Update Information Cameras should always be running the latest SUP release version as this allows you to benefit from the latest improvements, features and bug fixes. We do not, however, recommend installing a new SUP in the middle of a production. Please note that ALEXA Classic and ALEXA XT/XR cameras require different installation packages. • An installation package for ALEXA Classic cameras is named 'SUP_Alexa_[version-number]‘. It can be installed on the classic version (SxS recording module) of ALEXA, ALEXA M, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Plus 4:3 and ALEXA Studio. It is not compatible with any ALEXA XT model, ALEXA cameras with an XR Module upgrade, ALEXA HD, ALEXA HD Plus, ALEXA Fiber Remote or ALEXA Fiber Remote Plus. • An installation package for ALEXA XT/XR models is named 'SUP_AlexaX_[version-number]'. It can be installed on all cameras with an XR Module. This includes ALEXA XT, ALEXA XT M, ALEXA XT Plus, ALEXA XT Studio, and ALEXA Classic cameras with an XR Module Upgrade (all together in the following referred to as 'ALEXA XT/XR cameras'). It is not compatible with any ALEXA Classic model (with an SxS recording module), ALEXA HD, ALEXA HD Plus, ALEXA Fiber Remote or ALEXA Fiber Remote Plus. You can head over to ARRI to download SUP 11.1 here. Warning: Do not install a SUP onto a camera model, which it is not made for! Do not attempt to install these SUPs on an ALEXA HD, ALEXA HD Plus, ALEXA Fiber Remote or ALEXA Fiber Remote Plus camera! Doing so may cause the camera to malfunction and become inaccessible. If that happens, the camera can only be made accessible with the support of an ARRI Service Center. Updating XR Capture Drives (ALEXA XT/XR) We have encountered a few cases where an XR Capture Drive became unresponsive and had to be sent to Codex service. The root cause has been found and resolved with a new firmware for the XR Capture Drives. Every ALEXA XT/XR running SUP 9.2 or later does automatically check and update all XR Capture Drives if an old firmware is found. Updating ALEXA Classic M or ALEXA XT M cameras Please note that the update procedure for ALEXA Classic M and ALEXA XT M cameras differs slightly from the procedure for the other cameras. It is described in detail in the section 'Updating Instructions'. We supply the full range of ARRI Alexa cameras as well as the AMIRA documentary camera and the latest ALEXA MINI. For all your ARRI needs get in touch at 0208 977 1222 with our ARRI specialists for a quote.