Sony FX6 Tips and Tricks with Alister Chapman

Sony Ambasador and camera guru Alister Chapman presents a series of videos on Sony's popular new compact cinema camera- The FX6
Alister covers some of the practical and technical aspects of the camera, from Exposure to Focus to Workflow considerations, this series is a must for both the beginer and experienced user or those who are wondering how the FX6 could fit into their arsenal of kit.

1. Automatic Pixel Noise Reduction

Alister goes over the basics of Sony's Automatic Pixel Noise Reduction.
2. Auto Exposure Level and Speed

We take a look at the exposure and related settings within the FX6.
3. Dual Base ISO

How to optimise your ISO settings on the FX6.
4. Interval Record

We have a look at the creative possibilities that come with the interval record functions within the FX6.
5. Offset White Balance

Using the offset white balance to cool or warm your picture in a consistant and controlled manner.
6. Changing the Base Look

How and when to change the base look of your picture from the FX6.
7. Focus Zones

The settings for the focus zones within the FX6.
8. Tuning the Auto Focus

Tuning the auto focus within the FX6 for optimum sharpness.
9. User Files

How the file settings in the FX6 setting can affect your workflow.
10. Zebra Reference Lines

How to use the zebra reference line functionallity within the FX6.