Zeiss Announces Lens Gear Rings for Milvus, Loxia and Otus Range

Zeiss just announced their own Lens Gear Rings for the Zeiss Milvus, Loxia and Otus lenses, making them automatically compatible with industry standard follow focus systems for video work. The new Zeiss Lens Gear Rings is made out of premium aluminium with a hardened surface coating that easily slips onto the lens' focus ring.

Zeiss Lens Gear rings

The new Zeiss Lens Gear Rings are available in four sizes - mini, small, medium and large. The Lens Gear Rings are as high quality as you would expect from a Zeiss product - these scream durability and high-end craftsmanship. The Zeiss Loxia's and Milvus especially have been very popular with DSLR videographers and those using Super35 4K camcorders like the Sony FS5 and the FS7, and now with the new Zeiss Lens Gear Rings, cinematographers have an easy and high-quality accessory to make their Zeiss lenses compatible with standard pitch follow focus systems.

The dual-counteracting ring design enables users to easily install the lens rings by simply holding one of the rings and turning clockwise / counter-clockwise to remove it.


Zeiss Lens Gear Rings Features

  • Quick mounting – no tools needed
  • Made of lightweight aluminium
  • Hardened surface coating
  • Features a 0.8 pitched gear
  • Follow focus runs smoother than ever before
  • No more screwdrivers, worn-out belts or protruding straps
Zeiss Lens ring C300

The new Zeiss Lens Gear rings are expected to be priced ranging from £138 to £162 (inclusive of VAT). To order yours give us a call on 0208 977 1222.