WEBINAR | Beginners guide to capturing VR and 360 Audio

360 video and VR production is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way to increase your skillset and client base. The video side is well documented by what about the audio?

Two experts from Sennhesier take you through the basics of 3D audio capture in this webinar. Based on the new AMBEO® VR system, they talk you through the entire workflow and show you how to get started. Understand the key features that make a real difference and learn how to use the VR mic and A-B encoder software using practical examples.

In 45 minutes you will learn:

• Practical tips on how to capture 3D audio

• Operational advice on how to use the encoder software

• An in-depth understanding of VR workflow

• The difference between 360 and VR recording

This webinar is suitable for anyone who is interested in discovering how to capture VR and 360-degree Audio. It is particularly relevant to people who have purchased or are specifying solutions for Virtual Reality or 360 degree creation. VR content producers & creators, Independent filmmakers, Cinematographers, DoP's, camera operators, freelancers, Producers and Directors.

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