Vocas Spider Support System is Designed to Take the Load off Your Shoulders

Vocas will be showing off their latest kit at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, which includes the new Spider Support System. The Spider System is a modular system which can be setup in a variety of ways to help you get the most out of your handheld camera, while taking the load of your shoulder literally.

VOCAS Spider Rig

The Vocas Spyder supports different modules designed for almost any combination of support rig for your handheld camera. Example of cameras that will be very well suited to the new support system are Panasonic DVX200, Sony FS5, Canon C100 Mark II/C300, the Sony PXW-X70, Canon XF105/205 and other handheld camcorders and even DSLR's and mirrorless cameras.

VOCAS Spider Rig 1

The new Vocas Spider System will be introduced consisting of an extendable arm, a universal camera base, a shoulder brace, a belly brace and a new rubberised handgrip. The extendable arm can be adjusted in length and is rotatable 360 degrees. On one end of the arm accessories can be mounted to a standard rosette.

The universal camera base is going to be the centre of the new Vocas Spider System. Up to 4 extendible arms can be mounted on the camera base. These arms can be used for the available accessories of this new system like the rubberised hand-grip and the shoulder brace.

The new Vocas Spider System will be sold as a basic kit consisting of 2 extendable arms, a universal camera base, a rubberised hand-grip and the shoulder brace. Of course every accessory can be bought separately.

So in time, or right from the start, your new Vocas Spider System can be expanded to your wishes!


Features of the Vocas Spider System

  • Modular system, can be tailored to your unique needs
  • Tool-less design
  • Complete system for lightweight and small cameras - XF105/XF205/DVX200/LS300/C100/FS5 and many more.
  • A complete easy adjustable system
  • Connection to all accessories using standard rosette
  • Strong, stable, light-weight and playless!
  • Space saving system
  • Up to four points of support!

Availability is scheduled for July this summer, and once we get finalised pricing we'll let you know. For more details and all other Vocas enquiries get in touch with our Sales team at 0208 977 1222.