Vocas Accessories for the Sony VENICE

Prior to the Sony VENICE's scheduled February shipment date, Vocas has released a new range of accessories specifically designed for this CineAlta camera. The range includes accessories such as a new top handle Pro kit, a USBP Mark II dovetail adapter plate and a quick release dovetail spacer.

The Top handgrip Pro kit (0450-1155) is designed with a closed handle. This gives the user extra grip, even when wearing gloves. It can be placed more forward than the original Sony handle for a better balance. The Separate 19 mm viewfinder adapter (0350-1459) for top handgrip allows the user to mount the original Sony viewfinder and bracket.

The top handgrip Pro is completely closed which gives you more safety and security even when wearing gloves. The foot can also be moved both ways to find the right balance.

Vocas Accessories for the Sony VENICEVisit vocas.com for more specifications and information on the Vocas top handgrip Pro Kit.

The Quick release dovetail spacer 21 mm in combination with the Sony VENICE dovetail adapter plate for USBP MKII (0350-2265) allows the use of BP-18, 19 mm Balance plate (0480-0018). This can also be used together for base plates of other brands, like for example Arri BP-8.

The new Vocas Studio Follow Focus MFC-6 has a very big advantage compared to our competition, a self-adjusting drive arm! The Vocas self-adjusting drive arm contains high quality parts building a smart system. By simply pulling the drive arm backwards and then releasing it, the drive arm will return to the lens and exert the correct pressure to the lens.

 Visit vocas.com to view more information on the Vocas Accessories for the Sony VENICE.