Visual Impact is Exhibiting at the BECTU Freelancers' Fair 2016 tomorrow Friday, May 27th

We'll be exhibiting at the annual BECTU Freelancers' Fair again this year. The event starts tomorrow 27th May from 9:00 am to 18:00pm at a new venue - The Royal Institution in Central London. We'll be showing off the Sony FS5, FS7 and ARRI Alexa Mini cameras as well as the new Atomos Shogun Flame.


We're very proud to be a part of BECTU's Freelancers' Fair for a third year in a row displaying some of the popular kit we have for sale and rent. Come over and check out our FS5 rig with the new Atomos Shogun Flame, and the very popular Sony FS7 and ARRI Alexa Mini.

BECTU 2016 FairThis will be the perfect opportunity for all you freelancers out there who are yet to get their hands on either of the cameras or the very new Atomos Shogun Flame and see if they are the right gear for you.

Our reps on the booth will be able to assist you with questions and also take orders for these or any other items and equipment we sell and/or rent.

The 10th Anniversay BECTU Freelancers' Fair is packed with events and guests including notable contributors including Kojo Anim, Elisabet Cantenys, Peter Kosminksy, Ken Loach, Frances O'Grady, Mark Thomas, Pat Younge and many, many more. For a full list check out this link here.

To sign-up for the BECTU Freelancer's Fair head over to BECTU's website here. Don't be shy, stop by our booth and say hi. See you tomorrow.