Video Devices Firmware 2.0 for PIX-E5, PIX-E5H and PIX-E7 4K Recorders, plus PIX-LR Audio Interface is now Shipping!

Video Devices, makers of the popular 4K recorders and phenomenal monitors, the PIX-E5 series and the 7-inch PIX-E7, have just released firmware update 2.0, which offers support for their newest PIX-LR professional audio interface. The PIX-LR is also shipping as of today.

Video Devices PIX-LR PIX-E5H

The Video Devices PIX-LR is a first-of-its-kind dedicated pro audio accessory that brings unparalleled audio quality to video production, much thanks to the high-quality Sound Devices-made mic pre-amps.

Unlike 4K recorder/monitors from competing manufacturers like Convergent Devices and Atomos, Video Devices have come up with a very well made XLR interface that gives you more control over the audio coming into your PIX-E5 or PIX-E7.

PIX-LR Features:

  • Two extremely low-noise, wide-gain XLR inputs. These mic / line-level inputs are switchable and offer phantom power. Inputs 1 and 2 may be linked for stereo level and pan control
  • Two XLR connections for balanced, analog outputs – ideal for low-noise, long cable runs
  • Illuminated, 23-segment LED metering
  • Two dedicated gain controls – which may be recessed when not in use
  • Large backlit transport controls for record and playback
  • High-performance limiters with LED indication to prevent over-distortion
  • High-pass filters for reducing unwanted low frequencies such as wind noise
sound_devices PIX LR

Video Devices also just released Firmware version 2.00, which adds support for the PIX-LR audio interface. This update also includes all modifications made in previously released versions of firmware.

Download Firmware 2.0 here.

The PIX-LR easily and securely mounts to the bottom of any PIX-E Series monitor via a single ¼-inch 20 thread screw. The construction here is once again die-cast aluminium, which contributes to the legendary Sound Devices build quality. The best part is that the PIX-LR derives power directly from the PIX-E monitor.

To order your PIX-LR head over to our website here or call 0208 977 1222.