Sony VENICE Presentation, Sigma Art Sony E-Mount, Adobe Rush

Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring DoP Alister Chapman’s 8-day shoot in the Nevada desert using the Sony VENICE camera, the first five of Sigma’s latest Art lenses in E mount being shipped and a new app from Adobe called Project Rush.

Sony VENICE Presentation
Sony have recently published a nearly hour long Sony VENICE presentation by esteemed DoP Alister Chapman, who recently took the VENICE on an 8-day shooting trip through Nevada and Arizona. In his presentation, which you can see in full via the link below, Alister goes over the significance of dual ISO as well as Sony’s latest X-OCN Raw format and its benefits in post-production. This is a must see presentation for anyone interested purchasing or renting the camera for their next project.

Sigma Art lens for Sony E mount
Sigma are shipping five of their previously announced nine Art lenses in the native Sony E mount. The first five Sigma Art lenses in E mount to ship are the 20, 24, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm f1.4 giving Sony alpha 7 camera users more options to explore for both photography and video applications.

Improvements in autofocus performance with a native E mount compared to using a lens adapter will be apparent. Sony’s Continuous AF and high-speed autofocus are also supported thanks to the native E mount, which was something that was not previously available to Sony alpha 7 users, using the Canon or Nikon mount versions of these lenses with adapters.

Adobe Project Rush
Adobe has announced a new app in their Creative Cloud called Project Rush. The new app is an all-in-one cross device editing platform designed to give content creators more freedom by providing a more streamlined editing solution regardless of whether you are editing on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Adobe Rush videos will be also automatically optimized for popular social media platforms and also offer publication and scheduling options. No pricing or official release date has been revealed at the moment.

To see these new products in action, give us a call to arrange a demo on 0208 977 1222. If you want to learn more, head over to our website

Sigma Lenses
Sony VENICE Full Presentation by Alister Chapman
Adobe Rush

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