Webinar | New 5.0 firmware from ARRI

Join ARRI’s Lars Hartmann as he explains the practical benefits the new (SUP) 5.0 firmware update will bring to your camera.

Lars explains what the new features are and more importantly how they will help you get the maximum from your Alexa Mini and Amira. Understand the practical benefits of the new features which include 87 new “looks,” improved anamorphic shooting and increased EF lens compatibility.

In 45 minutes you will learn:

• What new features it brings and the issues it fixes

• Practical tips on how to use the new improvements

• An in-depth knowledge of how to apply the new firmware

• Vital techniques on getting the most out of your ARRI camera

This webinar is suitable for anyone who is interested in discovering how this new firmware update will improve your Alexa Mini and Amira. It is particularly relevant to people who have purchased or are specifying an Alexa Mini and Amira for video production. Independent filmmakers, Cinematographers, DoP's, camera operators, freelancers Producers, Directors.

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