SUP 4.1 Available for ARRI Alexa MINI and AMIRA Cameras

ARRI have just released SUP 4.1 for their ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras. Unlike the previous SUP 4.0, the new SUP 4.1 is a maintenance firmware update, which includes bug fixes and improvements on the frame delay of the SDI outputs and the viewfinder in ARRIRAW, 4K UHD, 3.2K or S16 recording modes.


SUP 4.1 is currently available as a free download on the ALEXA Mini and AMIRA download pages and is of course, highly recommended to install this latest SUP on all ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras.

ARRI have put in a lot of hard work on making their cameras even better based on customer feedback.

Head over to ARRI to download SUP 4.1 (Alexa MINI / AMIRA

As a reminder here is what SUP 4.0 had in store for ARRI Alexa/AMIRA owners:

  • 4:3 Recording modes - enables use of the larger sensor area as well as 2x anamorphic de-squeeze for the monitoring paths
  • Internal MXF/ARRIRAW 16:9 2.8K recording – ARRIRAW recording to CFast 2.0 cards
  • Internal MXF/ARRIRAW Open Gate recording – Open Gate recording to CFast 2.0 cards
  • Lens Data Archive and ECS improvements
  • Super 16 HD recording mode – recording mode that crops a S16 sensor area and scales it to HD
  • SDI Metadata – metadata embedded into the SDI signal
  • Transvideo Starlite HD5-ARRI interface improvements – UI improvements including access to user buttons and playback control
  • SDI enhancements in 3.2K and UHD recording
  • Support for the CCP-1 – support for the camera control panel including daisy-chaining the MVF-1 viewfinder
  • Wi-Fi toggle via user button – ability to toggle Wi-FI power via a user button to quickly enable and disable the Wi-Fi interface when the camera is used on a drone
  • Switchable zoom position in the viewfinder – ability to select the position of the zoom area using the buttons surrounding the LCD panel on MVF-1
  • Recordings with longer exposure times – the camera won’t restrict exposure times longer than 1/24 sec any more, but will display a warning

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