Stunning IMAX 3D Documentary "A Beautiful Planet" Shot in 4K on Canon C500 and EOS-1D C cameras

The mighty Canon C500 and EOS-1D C 4K cameras were used on a spectacular IMAX documentary called "A Beautiful Planet" directed by acclaimed filmmaker Toni Myers in cooperation with NASA and shot in stunning 4K delivering images like we've never seen before.

Canon C500 in Space

The 46 minute documentary extravaganza premièred in the States at the end of April and Canon presented a gallery of 4K stills images from the film at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas last month. What's interesting here is that for the first time a major IMAX 3D film is using non-IMAX special, off-the-shelf cameras that pretty much anyone with the budget can buy.

With the latest discount, the Canon EOS-C500 is currently less than £7K! Quite impressive considering the hundreds of thousands a specialised IMAX kit costs, and the fact that you can't even buy one.

Here's the trailer for the documentary:

The Canon EOS C500 & EOS-1D C 4K cameras were actually transported from Earth to the International Space Station (ISS) at the end of 2014 via an unmanned supply ship, which marks the first time that 4K cameras were brought aboard the space station for a commercial film project.

The documentary shows our planet from a view that is usually seen by a handful of people, but this time you can experience stunning lightning storms, volcanoes, coral reefs and bright city lights on Earth for the film including the breath-taking Northern Lights; these truly awe-inspiring images were previously unattainable in such stunning 4K resolution.

Check out a making of featurette below, which features interviews with the Director Toni Myers, Director of Photography James Neihouse and Astronaut Marsha Ivins.