Sony release VENICE Firmware 2.0

Today Sony have done something quite unique for a camera manufacturer…they have released a new version of their firmware 8 weeks early !!! You may think this is no big deal but if you look at similar updates from some of their rivals this is quite a feat.

It also follows the news from Hollywood that the AVATAR sequels will be shot using the VENICE so everything in the Sony camp is looking rosy…for now.

So enough of the ‘isn’t it great someone has actually done something when they said they would’, let get into what matters…the details.

The long awaited V2.0 for VENICE is official available and will bring an amazing features including the missing 25p which should open it up to new productions. This update is a response to requests by production pros and delivers more recording capability, customizable looks, exposure tools and greater lens freedom.

Here are the main features V2.0 will bring to VENICE.

New Imager modes 4K 6:5 Anamorphic 4K 4:3 Anamorphic 25p 29p 6K 1.85:1 6K 17:9 6K 3:2 25p 6K 3:2 In-camera playback

Supporting Lens mount E-mount (lever lock type)

Recording format Apple ProRes HQ/422/Proxy to SxS Simul. Rec combination RAW / X-OCN and Apple ProRes

Shooting function Select FPS Dual Base ISO (500/2500)

Monitor Out function Additional preset MLUTs User 3DLUT

Shooting Assist functions Surround View Dot by Dot Magnification Auto White Balance High-Lo Key False Colour in VF

Hardware Operator side CLIPS button

Network Wired LAN control (partial)

If you want higher frame rates in the VENICE you will have to wait for 2019, when Sony is planning to release an optional paid upgrade to support high frame rate – targeting speeds 6K/60fps, 4K/90fps, and up to 120 fps in 2K.

Click here to download firmware 2.0 for the Sony VENICE

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