Sony PXW-FS7 Smart Grip - How to Use it Video from Sony

Sony recently launched their Sony 4K Creators youtube channel, which is dedicated to building a community of Sony 4K Creators. On the channel you can find plenty of How To Videos, check out some of the best 4K footage out there from Sony cameras, and also have a chance to have your video added to one of their 4K playlists.

Recently they released an instructional video of how to use the Smart Grip on the beloved Sony FS7 4K camcorder. The FS7 has been extremely popular with video creators on all levels, and the camera, as sophisticated as it it, can be a bit intimidating at first to those coming from a DSLR background for example.

The Sony FS7 is a very flexible and compact camera, which offers significant opportunity for those who want to shoot not only 4K, but also slow-motion at the impressive 180fps.

The ergonomics and layout of the camera design allows for multiple configurations, but most all it is meant to be carried on the shoulder, hence why the Smart Grip is an extremely vital tool as it allows for vital control over important lens and camera functions such as zoom (for lenses which support this function - such as the Sony SELP 28-135mm F4 OGG Zoom lens) aperture control, iris gain via the assignable dial.



Here's another clip from the Sony 4K creators channel showing 4K behind the scenes of the coffee roasting process at Frothy Monkey Roasting Co. in Nashville, TN. Shot by Jourdan Lees and Chris Creasy from Made In Network.

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