Sony LMD-B170 is an Affordable Way to Bring Professional Monitoring to your Productions

The Sony LMD-B170 is an affordable 17-inch Full HD monitor for a variety of video productions, providing you with great versatility and image quality. The Sony LMD-B170 features a simple all-in-one design, front stereo speakers, as well as professional HD/SD SDI I/O connectivity.

Today, cinematographers have plenty of choice when it comes to onset or studio monitoring. As always, in almost all cases it comes down to the budget and what monitoring solutions the production can afford and what is actually need to achieve their goal.lmdb170

The Sony LCD series of monitors starting with the LMD-B170 is a sensible option that gets the basics covered, such as industry standard 17-inch Full HD display, slim and lightweight design, and robust connectivity including HD/SD SDI in/out, Composite and HDMI for versatile integration with popular camera systems and other monitoring devices.


Sony LMD-B170 Main Features

  • Industry Standard 17-inch Display 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Lightweight and compact with low power consumption
  • Simple, all-in-one design
  • Front stereo speakers and natural ventilation system
  • Optimised low-latency I/P conversion
  • HD/SD SDI In/Out, Composite In/Out, and HDMI input
  • Waveform, Vectorscope, and Audio Level meters
  • User-friendly operation and user interface compatible with PVM/LMD-A series monitors
  • Camera Focus function / Time code / On-screen tally
  • Side-by-side and various Flip functions - Horizontal/Vertical
  • Wall-mount capability

If you have ever used a PVM-A250 or PVM-A170, both standard production monitors for rental houses in the UK, you will find a very similar user interface with tactile function buttons on the front of the LMD-B170. The professional connectivity includes HD/SD SDI with Full HD 1920 x 1080 support up to 60i and 1080/60p over HDMI.

Professional monitoring features such as Vectorscope and Waveform ensure that your camera images are up to scratch giving you as the cinematographer full confidence in your images.

The Sony LMD-B170 is a great choice for monitoring on a budget where 4K monitoring is not required, or for situations where you have a very tight production budget. The LMD-B170 is currently available to order from our website for £1440 + VAT with free delivery in the UK.