Sony FS7

  • New Batteries and Power Accessories for the Sony FS7 From Hawk-Woods

    The VL-FS7 is a direct V-Lok fitting for Sony's FS7 camera allowing the user to use high powered V-Lok batteries rather than BPU batteries which are the standard battery for the FS7 camera. The adaptor attaches via the lock in mechanism in the FS7's battery compartment and then finally screwed to the top of the camera body to secure in place.

  • XAVC - The Next Generation Codec for 4K & HD Acquisition and Post-Production

    XAVC is a recording format introduced by Sony which can support 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Colour sampling can be 4:2:0, 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 at 8-bits, 10-bits, or 12-bits. XAVC uses an MXF wrapper whereas the consumer version XAVC-S is an MPEG4 wrapper. XAVC allows for both intra frame and inter frame (long group of pictures) recording. If you are the sort of person who is turned on by phrases like MPEG4 wrapping, Sequence Parameter Set and flexible data payload you can download the technical white paper here.

  • Sony G-Series XQD Cards for 4K recording on the Sony PXW-FS7

    The new G Series is compliant to XQD Format Version 2, both PCI Express Gen.2 and USB3.0 interface are supported on a newly-developed controller for high performance. The G Series delivers increased read 400MB/s*1 and write 350MB/s*1 speeds, which is 3x times the speed of the previous N Series cards.

  • Sony FS7 Accessories by ARRI Coming in February

    Just before Christmas, ARRI announced a full complement of professional-quality accessories from its PCA range, specifically tailored to Sony’s PXW-FS7 camera. These accessories will be available individually, or in several competitively-priced sets, providing unrivalled reliability and compatibility with industry-standard tools.

    The ARRI Adapter Plate for Sony PXW-FS7 is compatible with ARRI's BP-8 and BP-9 bridge plates, as well as VCT-style tripod adapters such as the ARRI Quick Release Plate QRP-1 (when used with the supplied wedge adapter). Incorporating an ergonomic shoulder pad, the adapter plate also boasts sturdy extended rosettes that fit both Sony’s original telescopic handgrip and all rosette-based handgrips and handgrip extensions. There is a built-in 15 mm rod console and an optional 15 mm rear rod console for accessories such as image transmitters, displays and batteries.

    The ARRI Lens Adapter Support LAS-1 is a sturdy lens adapter support that fits an extensive range of third-party lens adapters, including EF and PL mount. The LAS-1 also supports special optical adapters such as the Metabones Speedbooster.

    The ARRI Top Plate for Sony PXW-FS7 is a low mode plate with numerous 3/8-16” and 1/4-20” threaded accessory interfaces, as well as an optically centered built-in console. Compatible with ALEXA’s CCH-1 handle, ALEXA M's CCH-2 handle and the original Sony FS7 top handle, the top plate incorporates two solid metal focus hooks positioned at the sensor plane level. Furthermore, the plate is slightly raised above the camera top surface, meaning accessory screws that are longer than the thickness of the plate will not damage the camera.

    The ARRI PCA accessories for the Sony PXW-FS7 will be available from February 2015.

    Sony FS7 Firmware Update Version 1.10


      • • 1.) Support for 'S-Log2 gamma' has been added.


      • • 2.) The operability of 'Iris setting' using the 'Iris dial' and the 'assignable dial' has been improved.


      • • 3.) 'Video Signal Monitor' display enabled condition has been changed as follows:


      • • (a) Default value of 'Output Format' has been changed - This allows 'Video Signal Monitor' display without changing the 'Output Format' from the default setting.


      • • (b) Video Signal Monitor display is now available in 'Edge Crop mode'.


        However, when the 'Rec Format' or the 'RAW Output Format' is set to 4096x2160 or 2048x1080, there will be no output on the View Finder.


      • • 4.) 'Zoom Ring Direction setting' is now saved after Power OFF.

    Download firmware version 1.10 and the instructions here.

    To order your Sony FS7 visit our website and for any accessories needs you can contact our ARRI & Sony specialists at 0208 977 1222.

  • Popular Accessories for the Sony FS7 4K XDCAM Camera

    The FS7 was announced at this year's IBC trade show event in Amsterdam and it took the industry by storm offering 4K XAVC internal recording, Super35mm sensor and high-speed frame rates at Full HD at an affordable price of less than £6,500 including VAT (body only). We'll take a look at some popular accessories for this camera today.

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