Sony Firmware Roadmap for Broadcast Equipment

Previously announced back in September at IBC, the new Sony firmware roadmap for PXW shoulder camcorders is now released. All firmware packages are free of charge and are published on Before attempting to update to the latest firmware, customers are reminded to read the embedded Version Up guides.

Below you will find the latest complete list of the Sony firmware roadmap updates for the MCX-500, PXW-Z450, PXW-X200, PXW-X500 and PXW-X400.

Sony firmware roadmap

Sony Firmware Roadmap Updates

PXW-X400 only - Main firmware V3.20 & Network Function firmware V3.14:
ATW Pure is added
• The Auto Tracing White can now be set in PURE mode in addition of the existing NATURAL mode, allowing better color matching with PMW-400 , PMW-500 Automatic Tracing White Balance algorithms.
Benefits: Listening to Broadcasters VoC.

PXW-X500 only - Main firmware V5.20 & Network Function firmware V3.13:
Lens RET bug with CA-FB70
• The lens Return function didn’t work on V5.10 and V5.11 , the bug was reported by PSE and now corrected.
Benefits: Listening to customers reports and issues.

PXW-Z450 only - Main firmware V3.00 & Network Function firmware V3.15:
HDR support in HLG & Slog3
• Hybrid-Log Gamma and S-log3 gamma curves are both supported for HDR shooting and Live Production.
• HLG is available in HLG_BT.2100 or HLG_Live modes.
Note: In HDR mode is only available in exFAT mode, only in QFHD or HD recording modes.
Benefits: First shoulder camcorder to support true High Dynamic Range, ideal companion to UHD HDR Live production cameras, preferred choice for HDR steadycamer's.

HLG display assistance
• Allows the camcorder Viewfinder and side LCD Monitor to reproduce the higher dynamic range of HLG.
Note : the HLG display (Mlut) is not recorded neither available on nthonly available in exFAT mode in QFHD or HD recording.
Benefits: Cameraman/woman stays in control, HDR exposure is optimized.

Enhanced Noise Suppression modes
• The noise suppression mode get a high settings and can be set individually to every Gain setting.
Benefits: Customer satisfaction, improved Picture quality in HD following customer feedback.

Picture cache and S&Q modes available in 4K (QFHD)
• The PXW-Z450 now supports these usefull and creative features in UHD recording modes in addition to the HD recording formats.
Note : Picture cache Maximum duration is 2 Sec. in XAVC QFHD Intra 25P , 8 Sec. in XAVC QFHD Long 50p , 12Sec. XAVC QFHD Long 25p Benefits: Same content creativity in QFHD as in HD.

Improved Focus Magnifier
• The HDVF-EL20 or HDFV-EL30 Magnified picture resolution (ie. when Focus MAG is set to ON) is improved when the Z450 is recording 4K (QFHD)
Benefits: Cameraman/woman stays in control of 4K critical picture sharpness.

Other improved functions (common) include:
Support SDHC card
• MPEG HD420 ( HQ/SP) formats can now be recorded on SDHC media via the MEAD-SD02 adapter.
• SDHC cards can only be used in FAT formatting mode, they do not support any recovery process.
Benefits: Allow users to record on cheap, easily available consumer type media in emergency.

Wifi Station settings in Camcorder Menu
• Direct access to Station Setting (SSID & Key) via the Camcorder Network Menu.
• No need to load the Station settings from the Camcorder webpage or from Content Browser Mobile in advance via WiFi Access Point mode
Benefits: User friendly ,ease of setup, following VoC.

3x NCM preset memories
• Network Client Mode settings ( for PWS-100/110RX1 or XDCAMair Cloud) can now be stored inside NCM Preset 1 , Preset 2 and Preset 3 internal memories.
Benefits: Fast and flexible changes in the field of QoS Streaming servers destinations ( Cloud or Station(s) premises)

Assignable Proxy recording mode
• The Proxy recording mode can now be selected directly from an assignable button , no need to enter the menu.
Benefits: Fast /easy setup, following VoC.

Integration with DWX digital Wireless system
• Power/ Stand-by on/off of the DWX transmitters can be controlled through the slot-in DWR- receivers of the camcorder.
Note : Upgrade the DWR-S01 to V1.16, DWR-S02D to V1.07 , DWR-S02DN to V1.12 firmware versions.
Benefits: Green / Battery Power saving, longer operating time.