Sony F5/F55 Firmware Update 8.0 Now Available for Download

Sony has made the much anticipated firmware update 8.0 now available to download. However, it should be noted that F5 and F55 owners with specific serial numbers cannot download this firmware and need to contact Sony Prime Support. The latest firmware allows for the new high quality XAVC 4K Class480 codec, support for the new G and M series XQD cards as well as the new AXS-R7 4K Raw recorder.

AXSR7 Sony F55

Sony F5/F55 Firmware Version 8.0 Details:

  • XAVC 4K/QFHD Class480 (PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 with CBKZ-55FX License)

XAVC 4K Class480 at 23.98, 24.0, 25.0, or 29.97 // XAVC QFHD Class480 is available in the following frame rates - 23.98, 25.0, or 29.97.

  • Supporting AXS-R7, new Portable Memory Recorder

The PMW-F55/F5 is compatible with the portable memory recorder AXS-R7. The following functions are available by attaching the AXS-R7 to the camcorder.

4K 120fps recording (PMW-F55 only)

New format X-OCN recording - offers further compression, while keeping Raw functionality. Great for longer form recordings.

Picture Cache function: The Picture Cache function is also available for recording to an AXS memory card. The Cache Rec Time can be selected up to 30 seconds. Great for wildlife documentaries and sports.

  • Suppor for the new G series and M series XQD memory cards

The new G series (QD-G32E, QD-G64E, QD-G128E) and M series (QD-M32A, QD-M64A, QD-M128A) have been added to the XQD memory card lineup, which can be used with the camcorder. Like the existing G series, the new G series can be used with all recording formats and also when “High Frame Rate Mode” is set to “On” or “Off.” The M series, like the N series, can be used with MPEG 1920 × 1080 P/i and 1280 × 720 P.

* The XQD Express Card adapter (QDA-EX1) is required to use an XQD memory card

  • Bug Fixes
    • FPS control usability on Sub Display is improved. Lens aberration correction for some lenses is corrected.
    • When Audio Input switch is changed, Audio noise was occurred. This has been fixed.
    • When CBK-DCB01 is connected without the remote controller, Auto Iris function was not working correctly. This has been fixed.
    • The clip metadata recording Color Bar was not correct. This has been fixed.


It is very important to note that for the F5. and F55 cameras with the serial numbers range listed below, the user CANNOT perform the upgrade to Firmware Version 8.00.

ModelSerial Number
PMW-F55100001 - 100723

500001 - 500036

PMW-F5100001 - 100781

500001 - 500020

If your camera is within the range above, please follow the procedure below and DO NOT install the upgrade yet:

To allow us to proceed, please supply the following information to the following email and we will advise next steps.

First name

Last name

Email address

Company name if applicable

Business Phone


Which product do you own?      

Serial Number (6 digit number)

Which firmware version is currently installed?

And confirm if the CBK-55PD option installed?*

Users with F5/F55 cameras NOT in the serial number range above can proceed with regular firmware upgrade procedure and download firmware 8.0 from the links below.

F55 download here:

F5 download here: