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  • Metabones Firmware v2.7 Upgrade

    Metabones firmware v2.7 (E-Mount v0.56) adds support for Panasonic Lumix GH5 and Canon 18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S lens to Metabones EF mount Speed Boosters / Smart Adapters.

  • Sony PXW-FS7 II Introduction Webinar

    Experienced DoP Alister Chapman takes you through the new Sony PXW-FS7 II in this webinar. With advanced features including Electronic Variable ND technology, a lever lock type E-mount, and a new mechanical design for faster and easier set-up the changes look impressive.

    Using his considerable knowledge and experience, Alister reveals which of these key features make a real difference in the field and highlights the differences between the Sont PXW-FS7M2 and the original PXW-FS7.

    The Sony PXW-FS7 II is available to order here: Body only / Body + Lens Kit

    In 45 minutes you will learn:

    Which features make a real difference when using this camera in the field

    A number of practical hints & tips on how to get the most from the Sony PXW-FS7M2

    The differences between the Sony PXW-FS7M2 and the PXW-FS7

    Answers to specific issues on this great 4K camera from Sony

    This webinar is suitable for anyone who is interested in discovering what the new features are and whether they make a real difference from the original FS7 camera. It is particularly relvevant to people who have purchased or are specifying a camecorder for TV drama, reality programmes, live productions , ENG and sports production. Independent filmmakers, DoP's, camera operators, freelancers, producers, and directors.

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  • Introducing the Sony PXW-X500

    In this webinar, presented by experienced DoP  Alister Chapman is a comprehensive guide to using the Sony PXW-X500 in the field.

    In just 45 minutes you will get:

    A number of practical hints & tips on how to get the most from the PXW-X500

    Advice on which features make a real difference when using this camera in the field

    Answers to your specific issues on this great camera from Sony

    The main features and differences between the PXW-X500 and PMW-500

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  • New Sony FS7 Tutorials by Alister Chapman

    To make it easier for those who've just bought a Sony FS7 or future potential owners, the team at Sony has recently released a few very informative tutorials on how to setup the FS7 with esteemed DP and trainer Alister Chapman.

  • In-Depth Exploration of the Sony FS7 For Documentary Work by Award-Winning DP Andy Young

    Ever since it's introduction almost a year ago at last year's IBC trade show in Amsterdam, the 4K Sony PXW-FS7 departs from traditional Super35mm camera design as it combines lightweight optics, efficient compression with high-performance 4K, excellent color, wide dynamic range, in a minimalist, rig-less, ergonomic package optimized for Cinéma Vérité type production.

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