Sony A7R II Firmware Version 2.0 Adds Uncompressed 14bit Raw for Stills

Yesterday on October 19th Sony released firmware version 2.0 for the A7RII flagship camera, which adds, among other features, uncompressed  14-Bit RAW image capture in stills mode.

Improvements over version 1.10:

  • Adds the selectable feature for uncompressed 14-Bit RAW image capture
  • Adds support to output video via HDMI during use of the Remote Camera Control software (still mode only)

Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version 2.00:

  • Reduces the chance of the camera changing to front focus when shooting certain scenes. Note: This symptom rarely occurs.
  • Decreases chroma noise when Long Exposure NR (Noise Reduction) is set to Off. Note: The noise does not occur when Long Exposure NR is set to On.
  • Improves continuous shooting at Hi speed so that it can be used just as long when using the flash as without the flash.

Sony A7r II - Buffer Test by Mathieu Gasquet - Compressed and uncompressed RAW (via SAR)

Mathieu Gasquet over at Mirrorless Lessons has a nice write up on the benefits of the latest firmware 2.0 for the A7r II. It's great to see Sony again respond to customer demand for uncompressed Raw in stills mode, and despite the fact that compressed Raw saves space and works just fine for the majority of users out there, for professional photographers and enthusiasts out there who demand uncompressed Raw for ultimate image quality - the A7r II now has it.

In addition to uncompressed RAW capture, which will become a selectable feature (uncompressed/compressed RAW) within the menu system for updated cameras, the firmware also adds the ability for the a7R II to output video via HDMI during use of the Remote Camera Control software, that enables remote capture from a connected computer.

The new firmware, version 2.0, is available for download through Sony's e-support site on the product page for model "ILCE-7RM2". See link here.

Note: The new version 2.0 firmware is only for the A7RII, and not applicable to the rest of the Alpha 7 series lineup like the A7s or A7R/A7.