SmallHD 701 Lite and 702 Lite Monitors Added to the 700 Series Line-up

Renowned monitor manufacturer SmallHD just added a couple of affordable 7-inch monitors to their 700 series monitor line-up. The new 701 Lite and 702 Lite monitors are the perfect tools for DSLR operators and those DoP's using Super 35 cameras with LOG gamma.

The new 701 Lite and 702 Lite monitors share the same size body as the fantastic 702 Bright Full HD monitor, but this time around in order to keep the price low and the units affordable, the new SmallHD monitors share a resolution of 1280 x 800 and a brightness of 400 nits. This is still a very good and usable resolution almost any conditions out there. For those shooting in super bright environments, SmallHD makes a sun hood dedicated to the 700 series, which also fits on the new monitors.


The 701 Lite has only HDMI connectivity making it perfect for mirroless cameras like the Sony A7sII / A7RII or Canon 5D mark  II, while the 702 Lite has both HDMI and SDI inputs/outputs allowing the unit to cross-convert signal to other monitors. Both units retain the familiar image control tools from the 702 Bright including the award-winning Page Building GUI and also 3D LUT support, which is super useful when using cameras like the Sony FS5 or FS7.

smallhd 702 lite back SmallHD 702 Lite Back
MON-701L MON-701L_angle

Both the 702 and 701 Lite can use either Canon LP-E6 batteries, same as in the 5D mark II, as well as popular Sony NP-F L series batteries. Both styles of batteries are readily available on the market and quite affordable.

You can order the monitors from the links below.

SmallHD 701 Lite

SmallHD 702 Lite