New MKE ESSENTIAL OMNI and HSP from Sennheiser

Sennheiser has announced a new series of mid-priced lavaliers and headmics: MKE ESSENTIAL OMNI and HSP ESSENTIAL OMNI. MKE Essential Omni rounds out our professional lavalier portfolio, offering end users a “better” solution in between our “good” (ME 2-II) and “best” (MKE 2, MKE 1) solutions. Similarly, HSP Essential Omni offers our end users a “better” solution in between our “good” (ME 3-II) and “best” (HSP 2, SL Headmic 1) solutions.

Both MKE and HSP Essential Omni will be available in black and beige, with either 3.5 mm jack (for XS Wireless, evolution Wireless, D1, AVX, Speechline) or 3-Pin connector (for 2000, 5000, Digital 6000, Digital 9000).

Product Comparison

Both the new MKE & HSP and MKE 2 & HSP 2 are powered by Sennheiser’s KE 4 transducer. The KE4 condenser capsule generates a warm, distortion-free sound and is resistant against humidity.

  • Though utilizing the same capsule, there are several important differences between the series.

  • The new MKE & HSP Essential series is constructed with a fixed, slightly larger diameter housing around the capsule, which offers a slight frequency emphasis above 10kHz.

  • By contrast, the MKE 2 & HSP 2 feature a slightly smaller diameter housing and flatter base frequency response, which can be enhanced via two different frequency caps; frequency caps are not compatible with the new MKE & HSP Essential line due to the different housing diameters.

  • The MKE 2 & HSP 2 are capable of handling higher sound pressure, with 2dB better signal-to-noise ratio.

  • The MKE 2 & HSP 2 is the ideal choice for impeccable production standards, changing environments and the need for highest product reliability.

  • The MKE/HSP Essential line is the perfect match for limited production budgets without significant sacrifices in sound quality.


MKE Essential Omni Overview

MKE Essential Omni offers users a compact, high quality omni directional capsule with an acoustic signature similar to the MKE 2, ideally suited for theatre, worship and other speech-related applications. Available in black or beige, MKE Essential Omni features a robust 1.6m cable, MZQ 02 clip and SL MZW 1 foam windscreen. With its small size, the MKE Essential is inconspicuous and very lightweight (16g). Additionally, the new lavalier series is fully compatible with our wide range of mounting accessories for the renowned MKE 2 series.

Key Features

  • Warm, detailed, distortion-free sound with excellent speech intelligibility
  • Inconspicuous in use, due to small size and two-colour variants
  • Easy to position and comfortable to wear
  • Patented umbrella diaphragm protects capsule from moisture
  • Wide range of accessories


HSP Essential Omni Overview

HSP Essential Omni was developed with valuable input from the House of Worship community. Available in black or beige, HSP Essential Omni features a new stainless-steel headband, designed to adapt to a broader range of head sizes and to elegantly facilitate boom placement on either the left or right side. The HSP Essential Omni’s fixed, 1.3m cable is available with either 3.5mm jack or 3-pin connector, to interface to the complete portfolio of Sennheiser wireless solutions.


Key Features

  • Ergonomic fit, individually adaptable to every head shape
  • Warm, detailed, distortion-free sound with excellent speech intelligibility
  • Modular construction allows elements to be individually replaced
  • Patented umbrella diaphragm protects capsule from moisture
  • Microphone boom can be attached to the left or right side


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