Sennheiser AVX Wireless Audio Tutorials

Unveiled at last year's NAB trade show in Las Vegas, the AVX wireless audio system for video production has been in high demand amongst video content creators. Mainly praised for it's easy setup and intuitive approach to wireless audio as well as of course great audio quality, the AVX is aimed at those video content creators who want a hassle-free wireless audio setup without sacrificing professional audio quality.

For those yet unfamiliar with the AVX, it is a digital wireless system that incorporates a radical new receiver design a compact receiver that plugs directly into a 3-pix XLR input without any cables or wires. Thanks to the revolutionary new design of the receiver and the whole AVX system, wireless sound for video can now be recorded in just a few easy steps: plug the receiver onto the camera’s audio input, switch on the microphone transmitter – and everything is ready for action. The system itself will take care of all the technical settings.

Sennheiser AVX

The AVX utilises the license free 1.9 GHz frequency range, which is a lot less competitive compared to licence requiring bands like Ch.38 in the UK for example. Another benefit to the AVX is that the system automatically sets a free frequency and will switch to another if it senses interference, thus leaving the stress of finding the right frequency out of your way, this way users can focus on their work instead of fiddling with frequencies manually.

Sennheiser have put together a few really easy and quick tutorial video to help you get started with the AVX wireless system.

Episode 2 goes over the different microphone options in the AVX series, while Episode 3 focuses on Tips and Tricks on getting the best out of the system.

The Sennheiser AVX (with the ME2 lavalier mic) is currently available to order from our website at a promotional price of £490 + VAT (which saves you over £160) with FREE UK delivery.