Sennheiser AVX wireless microphone system

The AVX digital wireless system is a dream product for videographers and self-shooters who don’t have a dedicated sound guy. It’s easy to set-up, has excellent sound quality, 5 hour battery life and everything you need to record to a camera or audio recorder is included in the kit!

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it, but can it deliver the features you need ?

To find out we asked Lee Shuttlewood from Sennheiser to reveal which of the key features make a difference in the field in this short video. So to discover for yourself why this product is the number one choice for every videographer, click on the image below.

Main Features 

  • Very fast setup
  • Plugs directly into XLR audio input
  • Ultra-compact receiver
  • Switches on/off by P48 Phantom power
  • Optimized dynamic range

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