EP5: Shooting OBS Docs - Sarah Stevenson



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The Project

In this podcast, Obs Doc Self-Shooter Sarah Stevenson will share her experiences of shooting with Sony’s new handheld Z280 – which as she puts it, is:

everything you love about the FS7 (and more!), but in a compact PMW200 body.

Using her first-hand experience from the field, she’ll answer your questions about the pros and cons of shooting obs doc scenes with the new Z280. Sarah will compare it to Sony’s last camera offering of this size, the PMW200 and the obs doc workhorse the PXW-FS7. She will also share her thoughts on the Z280’s brand new features which could revolutionize the way you shoot your obs doc in the future.

The Cinematographer

Sarah Stevenson

Specialising in factual entertainment and access documentaries, Sarah has had the privilege of uncovering some of society’s most fascinating people and sharing their stories with the rest of the world. From filming at the bedside of a mother anxiously waiting for her first child to be born to producing a scene in a helicopter travelling at over 160 mph as the air ambulance crew race to save a patient in need, to even directing a convicted murderer who runs one of the world’s toughest prisons in Honduras – having the opportunity to uncover and document the lives of the people she meets is her unrelenting passion.

Currently Emporium Productions’ Head of Development, Sarah’s most recent credits include hit series Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons for Netflix, Secrets of your Supermarket Food for Channel 5 and special docs Volcanoes: Dual Destruction for Smithsonian Channel and Harry and Meghan: Royal Rebels for Lifetime.


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