EP12: The Best of Season 1



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The Projects

In this episode we revisit the best bits of season 1, featuring the cinematographers who shot Star Wars: The Mandalorian, The Handmaid’s Tale, Black Mirror, The Last Witness, Patrick Melrose, Hanna and STALLED. Plus special effects guru Mark Turner.

We hope you've enjoyed this season, we'll be back later in the year with season 2.

The Cinematographers

Visual Impact present their best of season one. With guests including Stuart Biddlecombe (The Handmaids Tale), Baz Idoine (Star Wars: The Mandalorian), Stephan Pehrsson BSC (Black Mirror), Kate Reid BSC (Hanna), Sashi Kissoon ( STALLED), Milos Moore (Patrick Melrose), Piotr Szkopiak and Edward Ames GBCT (The Last Witness) plus Ogy Stoilov and special effects guru Mark Turner.



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