PocketControl For ARRI Cameras

Created by Pomfort, PocketControl is a smart new iOS app that enables ARRI camera owners and operators to monitor and control their ARRI Alexa Mini and ARRI Amira cameras remotely. The app connects to the camera through Wifi, and allows instant access to the camera menu on your iPad and iPhone. You can remotely monitor and adjust camera settings such as exposure and look, and start and stop recording from a distance.

The app allows for greater flexibility, it doesn't matter if the camera is out of reach on a gimble, a crane, or simply blocked by someone else - with the app you always have control of your camera settings available.

What you can do with the app:

Check Current Settings

All camera settings are clearly arranged in one overview on your iPhone or iPad. This way, checking settings such as ASA, sensor FPS, and White Balance, only takes you seconds.

Monitor Changes

Any changes that are made to the settings from within the camera are visible in the app instantly. This way you can be sure to always have the right settings in place, even if you aren’t operating the camera yourself.

The monitoring feature is included in the free version of the app.


Adjust Camera Settings

With the remote adjustment of camera settings, you can e.g. change the shutter and exposure index remotely from your iOS device. This way you can get the image you are looking for instantly without manually going into the ARRI camera menu. Other settings that you can adjust are the ND filter, EI/ASA, White Balance, and Sensor FPS. To avoid any unintended changes to the camera settings, you can choose to lock the camera controls inside the app.

Start/Stop Recording

You can furthermore start and stop recording remotely, by pressing the “REC” button in the app. This gives you higher flexibility to start/stop recording from anywhere on the film set, even if the camera is located in a place that’s hard to reach. With the “REC” button also displaying the current camera status, you can see immediately if the camera is ready for recording, currently recording, or if there is a problem with the camera (e.g. card is full).


Manage Looks

PocketControl allows you to remote control looks in the camera. Conveniently display a list of looks stored in the camera, with specific support for looks from the ARRI Look Library. Choose a look on your iPad or iPhone and apply it to the camera from a distance. With the grading controls that are available in the app you can also refine the look and change contrast and pivot, or make the image warmer/cooler. You can then store the modified look in the camera.

The control features are part of the ARRI Camera Control Package that can be purchased in the app after download.

Learn more About PocketControl at pomfort.com

Download the App in the App Store